SIP Trunking Solutions

We know your company has devoted significant resources into your existing PBX. With a SIP trunk from Craig Communications, you can still maintain that investment and cut costs on your phone services. From Termination/Origination to intra-company traffic, we can accommodate you.

Starting at just $19.95 per channel, you can utilize our network to make and receive unlimited calls anywhere within the United States and Canada (see acceptable use policy). You can also use our network to bridge communications between your geographic locations. Instead of paying for individual trunks for each location, we can devote a pool of channels to be used for intra-company calls and external calls. Expansion is easy with our service. There is no commitment on the amount of channels. You can start with one channel and increase your capacity as needed.

We also offer ePRI bundles (23 channels) at just $350 per month. That's only $15.22 per channel. When traditional PRI circuits are closer to $500 per month, take advantage of the savings of a SIP trunk by utilizing your existing connection. We can have your existing DID's ported over to your SIP trunks, or obtain more. You can even port over more DID's than available channels.

Have a call center or predictive dialer and need to reduce your current per minute costs? We have competitive per minute rates. We can assign your account as much capacity as needed and you control your budget.

Our SIP trunks are authenticated via SIP based registration or via IP. Our commitment to you is still the same. No hidden fees or charges. Contact us to make sure your equipment is setup correctly and get started today. We even offer free lab editions to get you started.